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The 2nd International Conference on
Northeast Asian Natural Gas Pipeline in Beijing

September 22 - 24, 1996

Host : China National Petroleum Corporation
Korea Pan-Asian Natural Gas & Pipeline Association
National Pipeline Research Society of Japan
Participants : About 170 participants from 13 countries.


1.Opening & Keynote Speech
  The Development of Natural Gas Pipeline in Northeast Asia
Prof. Masaru Hirata, Chairman of National Pipeline Research Society of Japan, Japan
  17 presentations on potential of natural gas demand and supply and international pipeline in Europe and USA. and so on.

Session1 Natural Gas Potential Towards the 21st Century

1. Strategy for China Onshore Natural Gas Utilization and Development
Mr. Meng Muyao, Chief Engineer, Production & Development Bureau, CNPC, China
2. Natural Gas Utilization Policy in Republic of Korea
Dr. Yonghun Jung, Executive Secretary, KPGA, Rep.of Korea
3. Natural Gas Utilization Policy in Mongolia
Mr. Sanduijav Dashdondog, Vice President, Mongol-Oil Co., Ltd., Mongolia
4. Prospects for National Pipeline in Japan
Dr. Kengo Asakura, NPRSJ, Japan

Session2 Natural Gas Supply Potential

1. Natural Gas Export Policy from East Siberia and Far East
Mr. M.I.Surtsukov, Advisor to the President SIDANKO, Moscow, Russia
2. Natural Gas Reserves in Sakha Republi
Prof. V.P.Larionov, Chairman, Yakut Scientific Center, Russia
3. Koviktinskoye Gas Condensate Field; The State of Development and Perspective
Mr. Platonov, Director General, Rusia Petroleum, Irkutsk, Russia
4. Largescale Development of the Gas Industry in the Eastern Direction as the Priority of the Modern Russian Energy Strategy
Dr. Merenkov, Director, Siberian Energy Institute, Irkutsk, Russia
5. Energy Trends in the Northeast Asian Countries: The Role of Alternative Energies
Mr. T. Nakai, Chief Representative, Beijing, Office, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, Represetative Office in Beijing, Japan

Session3.International Pipeline and Natural Gas Industry

1. Pan-European Gas Supply System, Role of Russian Gas in it and an Experience of Relevant International studies
Dr. V. Feiguine, Executive Director, ENGO Research Center, Moscow, Russia
2. The Interconnector Project in the Context of a Mature European Pipeline Gas Business
Mr. Sven Becker, Commercial Advisor, BP Exploration Operating Company Ltd., UK
3. The Construction of Natural Gas Pipelines:Technical Considerations and Materials
Mr. YongHee Kim, Deputy General Manager, Daelim Engineering Co., Ltd., Rep.of Korea

Session4.Financing and Organizational Issues

1. Sino-Russian Pipeline Development Cooperation:The Reality and Implications
Dr. K.W.Paik, Research Fellow, RIIA, UK
2. The Demand for Gas in a Coal-based Energy Economy
Mr. S.V.Vactor, President, Economic Insight, Inc., USA
3. Institutional and Financing Questions for a Large-scale Pipeline Project; Lessons from America and Europe
Mr. Michael Lynch, Executive Director, MIT, USA
4. Financing and Organization of International Pipeline Projects; Nova's Experience
Mr. William Y.Luk, General Manager, NOVA Gas International, Ltd., Canada

In the presentations by Japanese, Chinese and Korean participants, it is pointed out there has been a rapid growth of natural gas demand, meanwhile Russian presenters emphasized the potential of natural gas supply in West Siberia including Irkutsk and Sakha Republic. In addition, the presenters from U.S. and Europe discussed the experiences of international pipeline construction and administration and possibility of its application to Northeast Asian Region.

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