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The 4th International Conference on
Northeast Asian Natural Gas Pipeline in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

August 16-18, 1998

Host : The Petroleum Authority of Mongolia
Northeast Asian Gas and Pipeline Forum
Co-Hosts : Asian Pipeline Research Society of Japan
Asia Gas & Pipeline Cooperation Research Center
Korea Pan-Asian Natural Gas & Pipeline Association
Participants : 110 participants from 11 countries.


1.Keynote Speech
  Implications of Northeast Asian Natural Gas Pipeline Infrastructure: Some Unanswered Questions
Dr.Hoesung Lee, President, Northeast Asian Gas and Pipeline Forum
2.Special Speech

The Three Strata - A New Approach to International Collaboration
Prof. S. Eto, Prof. Emeritus, Univ. of Tokyo, and Director, GIF Research Foundation of Japan

  22 presentations on outlook of natural gas supply and demand in Northeast Asia, multilateral cooperation for development of gas field and constructing pipelines, technical of pipelines, and so on.

Session1 Natural Gas Development and Utilization Policy

1. Feasibility Studies to Supply Russian Natural Gas from FSU to Eastern Regions of China
Mr. I. A. Zhuchenko, Director General, "NIIGASEKONOMIKA", Gazprom
2. Natural Gas Policy in Mongolia
Mr. D.Amgalan, Vice Chairman, Petroleum Authority of Mongolia

Prospect of Natural Gas Utilization in DPR of Korea
Dr. Kim Gyong Bong, President, DPRK Society of Natural Gas

4. The Concept of the Participation of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) in the Projects under the North-East Asian Gas & Pipeline Forum
Dr.V. P. Larionov, General Director, Joint Institute of Physical-Technical Problems of the North, Sakha Republic
5. A Strategy of the Gas Pipeline System Formation in the East of Russia
Prof.B.Saneev, Deputy Director General, Energy Systems Institute, Irkutsk
6. Irkutsk Gas Project: Basic Aspects
Mr. A. V. Dovgan, "Sidanco" Oil Comp.
7. Current Status and Future Development Strategy toward Natural Gas in Chinese Petroleum Corporation
Mr. Ho-Tung Hu , Director, Chinese Petroleum Corporation
Mr.Huang Chyigang, Division for R&D and Corporate Planning
8. Gas Infrastructure Development - Asian Development Bank's Role
Mr. M. Ahmed, Asian Development Bank

Session2 Multilateral Cooperation for PNG

1. Implication of Asian Energy Community in Light of Natural Gas Utilization
Prof. Masaru Hirata, Shibaura Institute of Technology
Mr. A. Sugahara, Mitsubishi Research Institute
2. Study of Natural Gas Demand and Utilization Trend in China
Mrs. Long Wei Weng, Vice President, AGPRCC
3. Multilateral Cooperation Scheme for International Natural Gas Projects of Northeast Asian Region
Dr. Gi-Chul Jung, Senior Researcher, KOGAS
4. Northeast Asian Gas ; Sooner Rather Than Later?
Mr. B. M. Nitzov

Session3 Finance & Organizational Issues of the PNG Project

1. Equation of An Effective Natural Gas Market
Mr. Keith Stepp, Enron International-China
2. Commercial Framework
Mr. J. A. Holtslag, Shell International Gas
3. Economic Viability of Pipeline Natural Gas Projects in Northeast Asia
Dr. Youn-Heun Jung, KEEI
4. Viability of Natural-Gas Projects for Northeast Asia
Prof. A. R. Tussing, Univ. of Alaska
Mr. S.V.Vactor, Economic Insights, Inc
5. Central Asia and Northeast Asia's Pipeline Prospects
Mr. J. Roberts, Methinks

Session4 Technical & Other Considerations

1. The Challenge of Ultra-Deep Water Pipelines
Mr.R.Bruschi, Mr.E.Torselletti, Mr. L. Vitali, Mr.R.Bruschi, Snamprogetti
2. Environmental Issues Related to the Design and Construction of Natural Gas Pipelines in Eastern Siberia and Far East
Dr. K. Ohashi, NSC
Mr. J. Benoit & Ms. B. Grey, AGRA E & E Ltd.
3. Long Distance Transport of Natural Gas by High Pressure Pipelines
Mr. D. Ercolani, General Manager, Snamproggetti
4. Energy-Conversion Technology of Coal and Natural Gas to Methanol as a Basic Technology for Long Distance Energy Transport from Asian Region of Russia
Prof. A. M. Kler, Energy Systems Institute, Irkutsk

Session5 Round Table

1. To solidify amount demanded (Gazprom, Russia)
2. To research supply and demand situation in each country (CNPC, China)
3. Ought to research each country's comparison of supply and demand structure and long-term Russian supply potential (APRSJ, Japan)
4. Ought to cover projects (SAKHANEFTEGAS, Russia)

Specially, Dr. Kim Gyong Bong (President, DPRK Society of Natural Gas, DPRK) proposed to found a council of government to government

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