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The 10th International Conference
on Northeast Asian Natural Gas Pipeline:
Multilateral Cooperation

18-19 September, 2007
"House of Scientists"
Academ Gorodok, Novosibirsk, Russia

    1. Objectives

    The 10th International Conference on Northeast Asian Natural Gas and Pipeline was held at "House of Scientists", Nobosibirsk, on September 18th and 19th, 2007.

    The objectives of the Conference are:

    1. To discuss Northeast Asian issues on natural gas and pipeline.
    2. To exchange academic and business information amongst the participants
    3. To contribute tto the rapid promotion of natural gas infrastructure in Notheast Asia.

    About 150 representatives from business and scientific circles and public organizations participatee in the Conference.

    The objective of the 10th International Conference on Northeast Asian Natural Gas and Pipeline held in Novosibirsk, Russia is to work out comprehensive decisions and offer the recommendations to the governments of both natural gas producing and utilizing countries. Their realization will provide for satisfying the demand for natural gas in Russia, and will enhance the optimization of fuel-and-energy balance in East Siberia and the Far East areas, and to the effective pipeline-gas and LNG export supplies to Northeast Asian countries at mutually beneficial prices, secured by guaranteed long-term Russian gas deliveries to the recipient countries.

    2. Speakers

      Please refer to the program.

    3. Session

    Main Subject:
    "Russian natural gas development and its utilization enhancement in Northeast Asia"
    1. Energy Policy of Northeast Asian Countries focusing on Natural Gas
    2. The Asia Pacific Market and Expectatoin for Russian Natural Gas
    3. Prospects for Development of Gas Industry in East Siberia and the Far East and Potential Markets
    4. New Era of Natural Gas Related Technologies
    5. Special Report from NAGPF Secretariat "Long-term Vision of Natural Gas Infrastructure in Northeast Asia(Year 2007 Version)

    4. Organizing Committee

    Acad. Alexey E. Kontorovich
    President, Northeast Asian Gas & Pipeline Forum (NAGPF)
    Member of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sicence Presidium(SB RAS)
    Mr. Shi Xunzhi
    President, Asian Gas & Pipeline Cooperation Research Center of China (AGPRCC)
    Mr. Fumio Satoh
    President, Asian Gas & Pipeline Research Society of Japan(APRSJ)
    Mr. Hyn Bum Sunwoo
    President, Korea Pan-Asian Natural Gas & Pipeline Association (KPGA)
    Mr. Battumur Chimmiddorj
    Head, Production Sharing Contracts & New Ventures Department, Mineral Resources and Petroleum Authority of Mongolia(MRPAM)
    Prof. Boris G. Saneev
    President, Asian Pipeline Research Society of the Russian Federation (ROSASIAGAS)
    Conference Director
    Prof. Masaru Hirata
    General Secretary, Northeast Asian Gas & Pipeline Forum (NAGPF)
    Vice President, Asian Pipeline Research Society of Japan (APRSJ)
    Dr. K. Hiraishi, Secretary General of APRSJ

    ROSASIAGAS c/o Trofimuk Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics(IPGG)
    Dr. Sergey F. Bakhuturov

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