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The 6th International Conference on
Northeast Asian Natural Gas Pipeline in Irkutsk, Russia

September 17-19, 2000

Host : Northeast Asian Gas and Pipeline Forum / Japan
Baikal Economic Forum / Russia Irkutsk Regional Administration / Russia
Irkutsk Science Center SB RAS / Russia
Energy Systems Institute SB RAS / Russia
Co-Hosts : Asian Pipeline Research Society of Japan
Asia Gas & Pipeline Cooperation Research Center of China
Korea Pan-Asian Natural Gas & Pipeline Association
Participants : 250 participants from 11 countries.


1.Keynote Speech
  East Vector of the Russian Energy Policy
Prof.A.M.Mastepanov, Head of the Strategic Development, Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, Russia
2.Special Speech

U.S. Policy on Northeast Asian Gas Development
Mr.Robert S. Price Jr., Director, Office of European and Asian Affairs, U.S. Department of Energy, Washington, USA.

  Main contents of presentations are "Global Energy Perspectives", "Projects for Natural Gas Pipeline Network Creation in Northeast Asia Countries", "Economic and Technical Considerations of Natural Gas Pipeline Network Creation in Northeast Asia", and so on. There are 28 presentations in total made by participants from several Russian regions, China, Rep.of Korea, Japan and Mongolia in Northeast Asia, including from Europe. Especially, a considerable number of papers were submitted by Russian participants, such as scholars, gas utilities such as Gasprom, and central and provincial government officers. The presentations were divided into five sessions as follows:

Session1: Global Energy Perspectives and Northeast Asia

1. Energy Security in Northeast Asia and Multilateral Cooperation in the Energy Sector
Dr. Vladimir I. Ivanov, ERINA, Niigata, Japan

The Eurasian Gas Market: New Projects
Acad. Anatoly N. Dmitrievsky, RAS, Moscow, Russia

3. Global Prospects and Opportunities for Methane Technologies in the 21st Century
Prof. Nebojsa Nakicenovic, IIASA, Vienna, Austria
4. Developing Gas Market in China and Analysis of the Market Characteristics
Mr. Hequn Liu, Asia Gas & Pipeline Cooperation Research Center of China, Beijing, China
5. Global Energy Scenarios, Gas Transmission and the Environment in Asia
Dr. G. Klaassen, Dr. K. Riahi and Dr. R. A. Roehrl, IIASA, Luxembourg, Austria

Session2: Projects for Natural Gas Pipeline Network Creation in Northeast Asia Countries

1. Optimization of the North-East Asia Gas Pipeline System Formation
Prof. Vladimir I. Rezunenko, Gazprom, Moscow, Russia
2. JSC "Vostokgazprom": Fundamental Goals & Targets. Prospects for Development
S. A Zhvachkin, V. G. Emeshev, M. S Parovinchak, A. M. Karasevich, VostokGazprom, Tomsk, Russia
3. Some Aspects of Creating Natural Gas Market and Alternative Ways of Mongolia's Participation in the Russia-NEA Countries Gas Pipeline Project
Acad. Baataryn Chadraa, Prof. Sodovyn Batkhuyag, "Energy complex" corporation, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
4. Retrospective Analysis and Forecast of Gas Pipeline Development in Northeastern Asia
Prof. O. S. Krasnov, V. S. Surkov, B. V. Robinson, V. S. Staroseltsev, Ministry of Natural Resources, Novosibirsk, Russia
5. Development of Gas Pipeline Network and Export Gas Trunkline System in the East of Russia in the 21st Century: Directions, Problems and Effectiveness
Prof. B. G. Saneev, L. A. Platonov, A. D. Sokolov, S. P. Popov, N. I. Ilkevich, A. M. Kler, Yu. D. Kononov, ESI SB RAS, Irkutsk, Russia
M. M. Mandelbaum, Irkutskgeofizika, Irkutsk, Russia
V. P. Larionov, N. A. Petrov, IPTPN SB RAS, Yakutsk, Russia
A. N. Kalmychek, "Russia-APEC", Moscow, Russia
6. South of Eastern Siberia is a Unique Investment Target for Complex Development of Hydrocarbon and Hydromineral Resources
V. I. Rezunenko and V. E. Bryanskikh, OAO GAZPROM, Moscow, Russia
and V. F. Gorbachev, OOO VNIIGAZ, Moscow, Russia
7. The Main Lines of Investigations to Forming of Oil and Gas Production Base in the East Siberia
Prof. M. M. Mandelbaum, Irkutskgeohpysika, Irkutsk, Russia
V. I. Vasilyev, Irkutsk Regional Administration
V. N. Vorobyev, Ministry of Natural Resources, Irkutsk, Russia
V. L. Neustroev, Irkytsk Dept. of Ministry of Natural Resources
B. L. Rybyakov, Vostsibneftegasgeologiya, Irkutsk, Russia
8. China's Natural Gas: In Its Blooming Season
Mr. Jingming Li, Asia Gas & Pipeline Cooperation Research Center of China, Beijing, China
9. Participation of Mongolia in the Irkutsk Gas Pipeline Project
Mr. Altangerel Dugarsuren, Petroleum Authority of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
10. Forecast on Korean Gas Industry after Restructuring Process by Korean Government
Dr. Dongseong Lee, Seoul Securities Co. Ltd., Seoul, Rep. of Korea
Prof. Joe M. Kang, Seoul National University, Seoul, Rep. of Korea
11. The Conception of Gasification of the Krasnoyarsk Territory with Natural Gas
Mr. A. M. Yakimov, Administration of Krasnoyarsky Kray, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
12. Prospects for Gas Supply to Russian Far East Based on Sakhalin Offshore Fields
Dr. Yu. V. Schukin, S. V. Astafiev, "Rosneft-SakhalinNIPImorneftegaz", Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia
13. Evaluation of Conjuncture and Capacity of the Market of China for Power Resources of Far East and East Siberia of Russia
N. A. Petrov, V. G. Charina, IPTPN, Yakutsk, Russia

Session3: Economic and Technical Considerations of Natural Gas Pipeline Network Creation in Northeast Asia

1. The Problems of the Kovyktinskoye Gas and Condensate Field Development and the Transport of Gases to the Eastern Asia Country Markets
Mr. V. A. Kazakov, E. S. Ziganshin, F. T. Selijov, A. E. Hudiakov, "RUSIA Petroleum", Irkutsk, Russia
2. Structural Considerations of Pipelines in Permafrost Area and the Monitoring by Fiber Optic
Prof. Koichi Ono, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan
3. Issues of Gas Supply from Fields of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) to Countries of Northeast Asia
Kliment Ye Ivanov, Sakhaneftegaz, Yakutsk, Russia
4. Allocation of Gas to Buyers within a Large Gas Pipeline - How will the Kovykta pipeline be operated? Whose gas will it be?
Mr. Richard S. Bond, BP, London, UK
5. Design of Chilled Gas Pipelines Buried in Discontinuous Permafrost and Field Experiment in Fairbanks Alaska
Mr. T. Tanaka, NKK Corporation, Japan
Dr. K. O'Hashi, Nippon Steel Corporation, Japan
Prof. S. Akagawa, Prof. M. Fukuda, Hokkaido University, Japan
6. Economics of Pipeline Natural Gas v.s. LNG
Dr. Gi Chul Jung, Kyoung Shik Kim, Korea Gas Corporation, Rep. of Korea
7. Wind Power-Hydrogen Hybrid Systems and Natural Gas Pipeline System in Northeast Asia
Dr. K. O'Hashi, NSC, Japan
Prof. M. Hirata, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan
Acad. E. Velikhov, V. Knyasev, V. Kuznetsov, Kurtchatov Institute, Moscow, Russia
Mr. J. Benoit, AMEC, UK

Session4: Special Engineering Decisions on Gas Pipeline Network Formation in Northeast Asia

1. Physical and Technical Problems Associated with Projects of Gas Pipeline Construction in the North-Eastern and Eastern Regions of the Russian Federation
Acad. V. P. Larionov, UIPTPN, Yakutsk, Russia
V. I. Semyonov, Rosneftegazstroy, Moscow, Russia
2. Popularization New and Renewable Energy Technologies in North Eastern Asia and Relation with Natural Gas
Mr. Yuki Nasu, Nippon Steel Corporation, Japan
3. Technical Solutions Used while Designing Main Gas Pipelines in North-East Asia
Dr. V. D. Batozsky, A. V. Solodovnikov, Yuzhniigiprogaz, Donetsk, Ukraine
4. An Optimal Design of Gas Gathering System for Multi-Reservoir
Mr. Jeongyong Roh, Mr. Hui June Park, Seoul National University, Rep. of Korea
Dr. Jong-Se Lim, Korea Maritime University, Rep. of Korea
and Prof. Joe M. Kang, Jonggeun Choe, Seoul National University, Rep. of Korea

Session5: A Long-term vision of natural gas pipeline network creation in Northeast Asia and mechanisms of its realization

In the Session 5 of the conference, an international joint research titled "A Long-term Vision of Natural Gas Trunkline in Northeast Asia" was presented. For the first time in its history, the NAGPF conducted the joint research in collaboration with each member organization. The presentation of the joint research results was a highlight of the conference. This international joint research showed the comprehensive vision of an international gas pipeline network with the consent of each member organization. Main results of the joint research can be used for the following:
1. To be the best reference in order to grasp the energy situation of each country, since it covers the latest information on the current and/or future energy perspectives of each Northeast Asian country
2. To point out the necessity of the cooperation of each production area by grasping the perspectives of natural gas supply and demand, not only in terms of country, but also in terms of region in each Northeast Asian country.
3. To propose a long-term vision of a natural gas trunkline targeted for 2020 on the basis of the above regional balance of natural gas supply and demand.

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