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The 5th International Conference on
Northeast Asian Natural Gas Pipeline in Yakutsk, Russia

July 25-27,1999

Host : Sakhaneftegaz
The Government of Sakha Republic
Yakut scientific Center of the Siberian division of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Northeast Asian Gas and Pipeline Forum
Co-Hosts : Asian Pipeline Research Society of Japan
Asia Gas & Pipeline Cooperation Research Center of China
Korea Pan-Asian Natural Gas & Pipeline Association
Participants :

150 participants from 12 countries.


1.Keynote Speech
  The Importance of Multilateral Cooperation in Performing Large-Scale Project on Natural Gas Transportation from Russia to Northeast Asia (NEA)
Mr. V. G. Rasumovsky, Head of Department of International Cooperation and Investment Policy, Ministry of Fuel and Power Industry, Russia
2.Special Speech

Energy Investments and Transit in Asia: the Role of the Energy Charter Process
Mr. P. Schutterle, Secretary General of Energy Charter, Belgium

  Main contents of presentations are "The Outlook of the Natural Gas Resource and Pipeline Project in Russia", "Multilateral Cooperation for Energy Cooperation", "Progress of Pipeline Project in Each Country and Area", "Economic and Technical Issues of the PNG Project", and so on. There are 73 presentations in total made by participants from several Russian regions, China, Rop.of Korea, Japan and Mongolia in Northeast Asia, including from Europe and USA..

Session1:The Outlook and Issues of the Natural Gas and Pipeline Projects in Russia

1. The Main Aspects of Participation of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in Interstate Gas Projects
V. M. Vlasov, Sakha Republic Government, Russia
V. M. Yeimonv, V. D. Matveev, Sakhaneftegas, Russia
2. Oil and natural gas resources of East Siberia and Sakha Republic (Yakutia) as a basis of the Siberian-Asian system of energy supply to East and Southeast Asia
A. E. Kontorovich, L. M. Burshtein, G. S. Fradkin, D. A. Gofman,A. V. Khomenko, A. N. Kolodchenko, A. A. Kontorovich, A. G. Korzhubayev,V. R. Livshits, A. I. Matveyev, S. A. Moiseyev, A. F. Safronov, Russia

Energy Development and Fuel-Energy Balances of Russia's Asian Regions
B. G. Saneev, A. D. Sokolov, S. P. Popov, A. V. Lagerev, V. N. Khanayeva, Yu. D. Kononov, S. Yu. Muzychuk, ESI SB RAS, Irkutsk, Russia
Y. A. Petrov, OIFTPS SB RAS, Yakutsk, Russia
A. Yu. Ognev, JSC "Vostokenergo", Khabarovsk, Russia

4. Strategy of OAO GAZPROM for Organization of Gas Flows to APR Countries
V. V. Remizov, V. A. Ponomarev, OAO GASPROM, Russia
A. I. Gritsenko, R. M. Ter-Sarkisov, V. A. Skorobogatov and V. I. Staroselski, VNIIGAZ, Russia
5. The Source of Raw Materials in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) for Large International Gas Projects
V.S. Sitinikov, State Geological Committee on Geology and Subsurface Use, Russia
V. D. Mateev, N. I. Roval, V. V. Solovchac, Sakhaneftegas, Russia
6. Plans of Vostokgasprom JS to Construct Gas Pipelines from the South of Western Siberia to SUAR of PRC
S. A. Zhvachkin, V. V. Shevlyuk, M. S. Parovinchak, V. N. Kokorin, Vostokgasprom JS, Russia
7. Natural Gas Main Development Prospective in the Primorsky Krai of the Russian Federation
S. N. Mehanoshin, V. I. Simonenok, Administration of Primorsky Krai, Russia
8. Gas Potential of Eastern Siberia and Far East as a Base of International Power Projects and Helium Production in the Asia
M. D. Belonin, Yu. N. Grigorenko, V. B. Archegov, V. P. Yakutseni, L. S. Margulis, All-Russia Petroleum Research Exploration Institute, Russia
9. Oil and Gas Resource Development Project in Russian Far East and Trans-Baikal Region Federal Economic and Social Development Program 1996-2005
E. N. Galichanin, Interregional Association "Russian Far East and Trans-Baikal Region", Vladivostok, Russia
10. Gas Potential of Pur-Taz and Vasiyugan Oil-Gas-Bearing Provinces of West Siberia and Its Use for Gas Supply to South Siberia Regions and China
V. A. Skorobogatov, VNIGAZ, OAO GAZPROM, Russia
11. Ecological Problems When Developing Oil-Gas Reserves of Yakutia
N. G. Solomonov, IPBC SB RAS, Russia
V.P.Larionov, IPTPN SB RAS, Russia
B. I. Ivanov, R. V. Desyatkin, A. P. Isayev, Z. Z. Borisov, IBPC SB RAS, Yakutsk, Russia

Session2: Multilateral Framework for Energy Cooperation

1. Energy Cooperation Scheme in Northeast Asia Region-Natural Gas & Electric Power Interconnection
Hun-Bum Sunwoo, Peace Network Korea Inc, Rep.of Korea
Kap-koo Yoon, ACE Engineering Inc, Rep.of Korea
2. Energy Alliance and Natural Gas Pipeline in Northeast Asia
K. Asakura, K. Hiraishi, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc, Japan
3. North East Asian Natural Gas Pipeline and Role of Mongolia
Dugarsuren Altangerel, Exploration, Production & Transportation Department, The Petroleum Authority of Mongolia, Mongolia
4. Natural Gas Consumption in Northeast Asia Countries
V. M. Efimov, Sakhaneftegas, Yakutsk, Russia
V. P. Larionov, IPTPN SB RAS, Yakutsk, Russia
V. P. Oshepkov, Sakhaneftegas, Yakutsk, Russia
5. Economics Aspects of Chiandian Gas Deposit Development in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia)
A. I. Matveev, V. K. Popova, V. D. Poselsky, Sakhaneftegas, Russia
6. Value Estimation of Natural Gas Reserves and Resources as a Basis for Great International Projects
A. A. Gert, P. N. Melnikov, O. G. Nemova, N. A. Suprunchik, Sniggims, Novosibirsk, Russia

Session3: Progress of the PNG Projects in Northeast Asia

1. Progress and Prediction of Gas and Pipeline Development in China
Hu Jianyi, Chen Ying, Asia Gas and Pipeline Cooperation Research Center of China, China
2. Energy Security in Northeast Asia: A Russian Perspective
E. M. Khartukov, International Center for Petroleum Business Studies, World Energy Analysis & Forecasting Group, Moscow, Russia

Challenges in the Design of Long Distance Pipeline in Cold Regions
K. O'hashi, Nippon Steel Corporation, Japan
J. Benoit, AGRA Earth & Environmental Japan, Canada
B. Seligman, Independent Researcher & Consultant, UK

4. Lessons from Case Study of Multinational Pipelines
T. Tanaka, NKK Corporation, Japan
5. Status of Japan's Research for a Natural Gas Pipeline from Russia to Far East
K. O'hashi, Nippon Steel Corporation, Japan
J. Benoit, AGAR Earth & Environmental Japan, Canada
6. Status of Japan's Research for a Natural Gas Pipeline from Russia to Far East
K. O'hashi, Nippon Steel Corporation, Japan
J. Benoit, AGAR Earth & Environmental Japan, Canada

Session4: Economical Issues of the PNG Projects

1. Rapid Increase of Gas Demand and Environment Improvement in China
Zhao Honggui, China Petroleum Planning & engineering Institute, China National Petroleum Corporation, China
2. Enhancing Private Investment in the Natural Gas Industry in Asia
Samuel A. Van Vactor, Economic Insight, Inc. Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge, USA
3. Characteristics and Current Issues of Natural Gas Pipeline Progress in Northeast Asia
Gi. C. Jung, Kyoung Sik Kim, KOGAS, Rep.of Korea
4. A Study in Natural Gas Market- New Market Operator & Hidden Market Mining
M. Minami, Toshiba Corporation, Japan
5. The Need for Gas-Distribution Infrastructure and Restructuring of an Importing-Country Gas Markets: The Case of Japan
A. R. Tussing, University of Alaska, USA
6. Comparative Effectiveness of Different methods for Transport of Fuel and Energy Resources from the Asian Regions of Russia to Northeast Asia Countries.
A. M. Kler, N. I. Volopai, B. G. Saneev, A. D. Sokolov, S. P. Popov, E.A. Tyurina, Energy Systems Institute, Russsia
7. Current Statues and Prospects of the Northeast Asian Natural Gas Market: A Korean Perspective
Myung-Kyoon Lee, Ki-Jung Kim, Council on Energy and Environment Korea, Rep.of Korea
8. Technical-Economical Analysis of Options in Natural Gas Supply from the Basic fields of Irkutsk region and Sakha (Yakutia) Republic to the North-East Asia Countries
M. A. Zhechkov, Russian Ministry of Fuel and Energetics, Russia

Session5: Engineering and Technical Issues

1. Comparison of Main Characteristics of Arctic Marine, and Desert Areas for Designing Pipeline Network Systems
Dongseong Lee, Research Institute of Science Eng., Seoul National University, Rep.of Korea
Joe M. Kang, Seoul National University, Rep.of Korea
Jonggeun Choe, Seoul National University, Rep.of Korea
Woo Sik Kim, Korea Gas Corporation, Rep.of Korea
2. Screw Compressors for Natural Gas Gathering Fields
Y. Shinoda, Mayekawa MGF. Co, Japan
3. Optimization and Analysis of Long Distance Gas Pipelines
D. Ercolani, Snamprogett, Italy
4. Peculiarities of Gas Production and Transport in the Cold Regions
E. A. Bondarec, T. A. Kapironova, Institute of Physical-Technical Problems of the North SB RAS Yakutsk, Russia
5. Experience of Gas Pipeline Construction and Operation in the Extreme Climatic conditions of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
I. A. Konev, M.K,Cheremkin, OSC "Yakutgasprom"
A. V. Lyglaev, A. I. Levin, A. M. Bolshakov, S. P. Fyodorov, O. I. Sleptsov, Institute of Physical-Technical Problems of the North, SB RAS, Russia
6. Prospects of Plastic Pipes Operation in the Systems of Natural Gas Delivery
S. N. Popov, Institute of Nonmetallic Materials SB RAS, Yakutsk , Russia
7. Experience of Designing the Pipelines for Gas Transportation in Republic Sakha (Yakutia)
A. A. Domashenko, JSC "Ukrgazpoekt", Russia
8. Technical Requirements to Pipeline Welded Compounds Ensuring Reliability in Operation Under Northern Conditions
V. P. Larionov, O. I. Slepsov, M. N. Sivtsev, G. P. Struchkova, Institute of Physical-Technical Problems of the North, Yakutsk, Russia

Session6: Poster Session and Exhibition of the Investment Projects in Sakha

Session7: Round Table

At the final " Round Table Discussion" attended by the panelists from China, Irkutsk Japan, Mongolia, North Korea, Russia, Sakha Republic, and Rep.of Korea, chaired an agreement that has been adopted, proposing to establish some organization as " Northeast Asian Gas and Pipeline Forum" for joint activities by the related countries.

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